Graphic, digital and visual design.

Some of my works are listed below. Some of them has full project, some don't.

Chilli Beans Racing

The briefing was to create a visual to promote Chilli Beans through race driver Guga Lima, something radical and post-modern.

Full Project
Logo with Mascot - Sports

Logo design, conceptual creation from beginning, for a Jiu-jitsu brand shop (Brazil)

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Mi brand redesign

Beyond internationalization, our idea was to have a symbol that would represent the union between Mi and its fans in a striking fashion.

Full Project
Social Media Day

Visual Communication to Mashable’s Social Media Day SP Brazil

Full Project

Redesign of an important I.T. company based on Brazil, backed up by Cisco and Citrix

Full Project
Mahou Brazil

A brief examples of my work on Mahou Facebook in Brasil.

Full Project

A project made for the Taschen Campus Party Spain contest: App for one of their family books: Architecture Now! Banana Groove’s technology project.

Full Project

Redesign of Cloud Computing company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Full Project
Logo Study

A study of a brand and visual communication for a company that sells outdoor interactive media in Brazil.

Not ready yet
Akna Email Marketing

Redesign of Akna, an enterprise based in Brazil, sells email marketing solutions for more than 3000 clients

Full Project
Tivit Project

Great project I designed at Neelkeen

Logo design
Noah's Ark

Ipad interactive book for kids, telling the story of Noah and his ark. Concept art, digital audio, illustration and project management. Banana Groove’s technology project.

Full Project
IAB Digital Morning Poster

IAB Meetup in Sao Paulo to talk about the digital strategies companies are using.

Another Example
IAB Logo communication for meetups

Icons and logo to identify IAB’s meetings in Sao Paulo

Icon design/ Branding
IAB Beer label

Beer label customized for IAB’s party to associates and coworkers

Label Design
Taiff Hotsite
Taiff Products

Some works I did for Taiff showing a new series of products. Digital Design and user experience.

Digital Design
Code Vigilants

Crest for a develper’s meetup, for a company named Site Blindado

Logo design
Qualcomm Dev Meetup

Visual design, posters, website and folders for Qualcomm’s Developer Meetups, since meetup 1.

Dev Meetup
Capirinha for iPad

Illustration with Anderson Ventura for a digital book about Caipirinha, famous brazilian drink. Banana Groove’s technology project.

Illustration and Design
Digital Ladies Logo

Meetup for powerful ladies in charge in Latin America. IAB’s organization with ONU, GOOGLE and FACEBOOK.

Event communication, Logo design
IAB Xperience

Cool logo for a Techy Meetup

Logo design
IAB Rebranding Study

That was one of many works I’ve created to IAB Brasil.

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Polaris Product Image campaign

One of many works I did to Polaris, the ATV/UTV motorcycle company

Social Media Design and Projects
Organique Materials
Organique Communication

One of many works I did to Organique, made manual illustration, and manipulate fruits in Photoshop.

Brand Visual Comm
Melindas Pepper Sauce

One of many works I did to Melindas, made manual illustration, and manipulate images in Photoshop.

Artbooks, architecture and decoration

Editorial design, image enhancement, print quality and illustration was my main work creating those books. Amazing time working with Guto Lacaz, Gustavo Rosa and Arthur Casas. Thanks also to Tuca Reinés, amazing Photographer!